Kevin Murphy 2000-2004

Kevin Murphy was the first person to complete 32 crossings.

Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy became the first Briton to complete a double crossing of the English Channel, which he has done three times, and set the record of 11 hours and 21 minutes for crossing the Irish (North) Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

His English Channel swims include his double-crossing in 35 hours 10 minutes in 1970, his England-France-England swim in 1975 in 36 hours and 3 minutes which was notable because he was ordered out of the water because of bad weather after swimming non-stop for 52 hours and 30 minutes when he was halfway back on his third leg and his France-England-France swim in 1987 in 32 hours and 42 minutes.

Kevin Murphy is a 1977 inductee in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame as an Honour Swimmer and a 2010 inductee in the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Kevin currently serves as the Honorary Secretary of the Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation and President of the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame. He is a member of the Half Century Club and the 24-hour club, and is a renowned reporter in Great Britain.

One of his well-known quips about his own marathon swimming is that he is going for a little dip.

To read more about Kevin Murphy's Biography and his achievements, please visit his Openwaterpedia page.

Kevin Murphy


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